Virgin Islands

has 3 Superdelegates

1 is pledged for Clinton, 0 for Sanders, 2 uncommitted.

This is a grassroots campaign - so we need grassroots leaders like you. If you’re helping rally people where you live to make sure the Superdelegates do the right thing, or would like to do so then please:

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If you don't have time to join us on the ground, but still would like to reach out to your state’s Superdelegates, please use the social media links below. Contact them respectfully and politely, and ask them to not deny the wish of Democratic voters with their Superdelegate votes. Blaming them for whole system is counterproductive - they didn't create the system.


Carol M. Burke


Emmett Hansen


Stacey Plaskett


Agriculture,Oversight and Government

Name Endorsing Social Media Notes
Carol M. Burke Uncommitted
Emmett Hansen Uncommitted
Stacey Plaskett Clinton Agriculture,Oversight and Government

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